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Why Light Treatment?

So, your doctor has confirmed that you have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  You may have suspected it anyway, but at least now you know. He has discussed with you the various options available to help you through the winter months, and one of the things he suggested is light therapy.

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No-one really looks forward to the winter but some of us cope better with it than others. Besides the cold, which we can do something about by wearing suitable clothes and heating our homes and workplaces, the worst thing about winter is the shorter days; shorter days means less natural light, and longer spent either in the dark or in artificial lighting.  We all get fed up in winter, but some people find that they become seriously depressed and just wish that they could switch off until the spring begins.  As hibernating is not an option, we generally just put up with feeling down. However, due to the vast amount of research that has been carried out into the effects of lack of daylight in winter, there is a great way of treating it; light therapy, which can be carried out at home, is non-addictive, and really does work.  Many different forms of light therapy exist but just about best and most effective one available today is the North Star 10,000 Light Box.


The technology of the North Star 10,000 Light Box

north star technologyThe North Star 10,000 works by way of broad spectrum light. There are two forms of lighting used for light treatment; one is ‘full spectrum’ which is intended to mimic natural sunlight but, like the real thing, it also produces UV (ultraviolet) rays which are known to be harmful to health. It is these rays that cause sunburn if we lie outside in the sun without first protecting our skin with sun cream containing something that blocks them.  Some companies still use this form of lighting, but today they usually incorporate a diffusing screen which blocks the rays. If you choose one of these lights, the box will tell you whether or not it has a diffusing screen. The illumination that full spectrum lighting produces has a blue or purple tinge.

‘Broad spectrum’ lights also imitate natural sunlight, but without the UV rays; they are usually described as being a pure white light. By choosing the North Star 10,000 you can be sure that you have chosen a light that is not only easy to use and effective, it is also completely safe.

Natural outdoor light has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 100; CRI  is a measure of the ability of a source of light to reproduce the colors of objects as closely as possible to how they would look in natural light, which gives the highest CRI. Full spectrum lights have a CRI of 90, which is almost as strong, and broad spectrum lights have a CRI of 82, quite a bit lower.

Another measurement that is used in lighting is the Kelvin Temperature Scale which is designed so that K is zero, considered the lowest temperature of anything that exists. It is a measurement used by scientists in the same way that we use Fahrenheit or Celsius but the Kelvin numbers are so large that they would be impractical for us to use when talking about everyday things like the weather.  In the same way that the CRI of full spectrum lighting differs from that of broad spectrum, so does the temperature – the Kelvin temperature of a full spectrum is 5,000 or more, while a broad spectrum light is lower at 4,200. For these two reasons, it stands to reason that light therapy based on broad spectrum lighting is the one to choose.


How to use it

The basic idea of light therapy is to provide you with the same sort of light you benefit from in the summer, when sitting out in the sun for just twenty to thirty minutes gives you enough to keep you cheerful, and to keep your usual energy levels going. There is so little of this natural light around in the winter that it can really bring us down and make us feel lethargic, so replacing it at this time is the perfect solution.

Light box tilt standThe North Star 10,000 light box looks like a briefcase, is around the same size, weighs just 10lbs, and is just as portable so you can take it from home to office so that it’s handy for whenever and wherever you need it. It can sit on your desk or table in an upright position, lie on its side, or even be mounted on a wall, and there is a floor stand and a tilt stand available separately, too. Once in place, the idea is not to look directly at the bulbs, but to have the light shine on your face while you do whatever you want to do, read a book, write a letter, perhaps even eat a meal. As long as you are facing the light, without looking into it, you will be getting the full benefit. The light won’t flicker, it has a reflector design so that the light is spread evenly, and the built-in diffuser prevents any harsh glare so it won’t hurt your eyes.

Once you have been using it for a while, you will be able to work out how and when to use it to get the best effect for you, whether it’s first thing in the morning, sitting within a couple of feet of the illumination for thirty minutes, or later in the day for longer periods but further from the light. Your needs will more than likely be different from someone else’s and that’s the beauty of this form of treatment – it can be tailored just for you, and the fact that the unit is portable means that, if you find that you need longer, say, two to three hours at a time, it needn’t interfere with your day because you can take the unit to work and use it there.



What it will do

For some people, the benefits of light treatment will start to be felt within a few days but for others it may take longer, even a few weeks. It’s important to stick with it, and not to dismiss it without giving it a chance.

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A lot depends on how severe your depression is, so it may just need a little adjustment in the time you spend using the light, or even the time of day in which you use it – some people find early in the morning suits them, whereas others will feel better if they use their light treatment later in the day. Once you start to feel happier and more energetic, it won’t be long before you work out when you most benefit, and there’ll be no stopping you.

You’ll find you will be sleeping better, eating more sensibly, accomplishing more because you will be feeling much more energetic and, above all, enjoying life as you do in the summer. Those around you will notice the difference in you, too.

Some people feel so well on their new light treatment that they are able to miss a few days without suffering, but most find that they benefit from it by using it every day, but it is so convenient to use that it is easy to schedule it into daily life. After all, the benefits are well worth it.




What people say about the North Star 10,000 Light Box

happy woman3 150x225happy woman4 150x225The makers of the North Star 10,000 are Alaska Northern Lights; they were established in 1993, and have been helping SAD sufferers to feel happier ever since. This particular model is one of their best sellers. They have seen for themselves how effective it is, and have received heartfelt thanks from many of the thirty thousand customers that have bought one.



Video Testimonials

This testimonial has been posted by a man who was experiencing SAD every year when the winter months began; he consulted his doctor who recommended the North Star 10,000, and it wasn’t long before he was feeling the benefit. The doctor had already recommended it to several other patients, so he was confident that it would do the trick, and it did. Within a few days, the patient was enjoying better sleep, and within a few weeks, his mood had improved, too.


This video testimonial proves the ongoing benefit of the North Star 10,000. In it, the lady says that she has been using hers for the last ten years because she lives in a climate that has around nine months of grey skies every year. She moved to a sunnier climate for a while and didn’t need her light box, but as soon as she returned she needed to start using it again, and was glad that she had kept it.


A few other comments from people who have used the light box:

‘Ready for the shorter days of sunlight’

By Brooke

‘I borrowed the North Star from a friend last fall and used it all winter. It made such a huge difference in my mood, ability to sleep and get up and get going in the mornings. I had purchased a smaller light and it just didn’t seem to help. This light box worked for me! No more winter blues . I cant say enough about this light box. I had to get my own. My friend wants hers back.’


‘Energy At Last’

By John Williams

‘I bought this unit a bit sceptical of whether or not light therapy would work for treating my seasonal affective disorder. After a few days, I found myself feeling more energetic and less tired than I have felt in months. I plan on giving this to a couple of my family members to help get them through this winter season. Thank you for making such a great product.’


More about the North Star 10,000 Light Box

The specifications of the North Star 10,000 light box are fairly technical but well explained so you won’t feel blinded by science when you read them. They explain that it is safe, quiet, uses the most up-to-date materials, exceeds rigorous clinical standards, and even tell you how long the bulbs will typically last before they need replacing.  The bulbs themselves are available separately and can be sent anywhere by mail, so you won’t have to stop using your light box just because the bulbs have expired.  There is a year’s warranty on the bulbs, and a lifetime warranty to the original owner of the light box itself. This lifetime warranty shows just how confident the makers are that their product will do the job. Their ongoing research has told them that the average dose of light therapy from the North Star 10,000, to get the maximum benefit, is fifteen minutes a day, every day.

northstar 10000 features

Alaska Northern Lights don’t just offer a lifetime warranty; they will also let you try the light box for sixty days with a 100% risk free money back guarantee. This means that you can give it a proper run for its money; sixty days is plenty enough time for you to test it thoroughly, and to work out a schedule that suits you.

The North Star 10,000 light box has been proved in clinical trials, and is recommended by both doctors and institutions that deal with depression.

Light therapy to treat winter depression sounds unlikely, even far-fetched, but thousands of people have found it successful. Who would guess that a box that produces light could have such a life-changing effect? To be able to treat your winter blues in the comfort of your home or office sounds like the ultimate in luxury but, with the North Star 10,000 light box, it is within easy reach. This could be the year that you lock up those winter demons once and for all.


Alaska Northern Lights vs. Competitors

why North star is better than competition

I want to get my hands on the North Star 10,000

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  1. Mary @ Fit and Fed

    I have had an Alaska Northern Lights light box for many years (well over a decade) and it has served its purpose well. Perfect for our Northwest winter with its short days and abundant cloud cover.

  2. raeford lewis

    one bulb was broken in shipment. How do I get a Alaska Northern Light replacement for North Star 10,000? Is another brand name available that is equal to yours. This was set up through the VA and sent out Denver. Thank you.

  3. Carol Schilling

    Is it possible for me to see these lamps in a store in the Naperville, Illinois general vicinity. My zip is 60563. Thank you. Carol Schilling